Sunday, December 9, 2012

Posts, Tweets, and Pics

My first blog! Who would of thought that I would of thought of writing a blog? I have no idea what to write about, or whom I am writing to, but it's about time I put my thoughts into words. And since it is a technological and public world, why not make it public for everyone to see?!
That is one thing I am a bit confused about in this world. Why does everyone make everything public? We post everything to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Always updating our followers and friends about what we are eating for lunch, who we are shopping with, or worse, our feelings. I admit, I am guilty of updating my tweets and statuses to inform people of where I am or how I am feeling, or even how artistic my lunch looked, but why do we do this? I suppose everyone has their reasons.
Lately, I have been dealing with heartbreak. I never thought it would take me four months to get over a guy, but then again, I never thought I would fall in love that fast either. After the break-up, I felt that the only way I could vent was to post some heartfelt status to Facebook, one that "he" may or may not know is about him, or state how horrible I am feeling on Twitter. I took advantage of him not being on Twitter to post things obviously about him to Twitter, but act perfectly fine on Facebook.
This strategy bit me in the butt the other night. I went on a date with a guy I really like. Yet, this triple date with all of our friends, went way south before we even got to the restaurant. I will spare the details, but I realized how much of an idiot he was, and how stupid I was for allowing him to make a fool of me. I left the date early, and needed a way to vent because he really disrespected me. I couldn't tweet about it, since he follows me, nor could I post about it on Facebook. I was stuck venting to my best friend about it, and spent the rest of my night scheming of how "karma" could get him back. I admit, that may of been better than posting about my bad night! I found myself the next day with a little smirk on my face, knowing that karma will bite back, and I will move on, finding some other hot guy to go on dates with. No one needed to know.
So why am I here if I had a better night not posting my feelings? Who knows! I guess I had an urge to write a blog, so I came here. Hope you enjoy!
Here's to the future.

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