Monday, February 11, 2013

A Day of Love, Flowers, Chocolate, and Murder

As I'm sure you all have noticed, there is a popular day of celebration nearing. Valentine's Day. This Thursday, couples and lovers will exchange flowers and chocolate as a sign of love. My least favorite holiday of all. I know, I know, I'm a horrible person for hating on romance, but that's not exactly what I am hating.

I think I'll start off summing up the story of St. Valentine. Did you know that on February 14th, we are celebrating the murder of a Saint? On February 14th, St. Valentine was beaten with stones and clubs, then beheaded. Such hate was committed against him because he was defying the Roman church. The Roman priests were not happy with the fact that he was practicing Christianity. He was known for marrying Christian couples. As it says in my source (listed below) Saints are meant to remain active after their death, which reports say he did. I believe this is where the depiction of cupid comes from.

I give all respect to St. Valentine for going with his beliefs by assisting Christians in marrying and saving them from prosecution. I will definitely support the celebration of his life, he did great things. He is the patroned Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy \marriages, love, lovers, plague, travelers, and young people. I'm not quite sure where the bee keepers, epilepsy and plague come into all this, but most of Valentine's day is about all that he is "affiliated to." After doing a bit of my research, I am a bit more supportive of Valentine's day. I used to think that Valentine's day should only be celebrated by married couples due to his work, but after finding out what he is the saint of, this romantic day makes a bit more sense.

But I still will not be celebrating Valentine's Day this year. I am disappointed with the fact that a holiday celebrating a saint's life has been so commercialized. It happens with every holiday. Hallmark seems to be behind most of it too. Such as Mother's day, a holiday created by Hallmark, so they could make more money in the month of May. It's a selfish world I tell you. If we celebrate the life of one Saint, why not all other Saints who did great things like Valentine? Hallmark could make more commercialized holidays!

So this Thursday, you will not see me buying a box of chocolates for my nonexistent significant other or going out to a nice dinner. And it's not just because I will be working on that night, which I am. I will be protesting commercialism. Yes, I realize, I, as one person, will not do much effect protesting, but in my heart I will feel a bit better knowing that I did not contribute to the million of chocolates or little teddy bears sold.

If I were to celebrate St. Valentine's day, I would watch a movie with my special person or do some of our favorite things. And I would celebrate St. Valentine's life everyday. Romance doesn't need to be emphasized one day of the year, (or two if you count celebrating anniversaries) it should be celebrated everyday. Please remember to show your loved ones you love them today, Thursday, and everyday after that. The bouquet of flowers doesn't need to come home just on February 14th, but any random day. Your love will shine much brighter if you show it spontaneously, instead of a day that you have to be reminded to do it.

Here's to the celebration of Love everyday of our lives.

^I recommend reading a bit more, or even just Google/Wiki St.Valentine's life.