Sunday, December 9, 2012


For the next couple weeks, across the country, students will be living in a week of stress. Finals week. It comes around twice a year, and it seems that fall semester finals seem to be the worst. At least for me they do. Perhaps it is because I am a winter person. It seems to always snow during finals week! Since yesterday night, we have accumulated a couple inches of snow, and I haven't even had the chance to touch it!
I told myself I would lock myself into my room starting Saturday afternoon after I got off work and keep studying until my first final until Tuesday. Who was I kidding?! I didn't get home until 8:00, after getting off work at 3:00 on Saturday. After arriving home so much later than anticipated, I thought I would start studying Sunday, today, morning. After completely turning off my alarm and sleeping into the afternoon of the day, I decided that cleaning was more needed than studying. So I woke up and cleaned my room. I vacuumed the stairs leading to my room three times! (yes, they were in need of three rounds of vacuuming), and after all the cleaning, I decided a shower was in order before the studying commenced. But finally, after eating brunch and showering, I started my studying! In which I finished one homework assignment, due on the day of the final, for my Calculus 2 class. And that is all that I got done...
It seems that time goes extremely fast when you are trying to cram-study! Still to be done is study for my literature exam, calculus, and chemistry. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better study day than today?

Many students have a study routine. They have rituals that they do in order to help themselves study. For me, I listen to music, and when I become bored, I start a solo dance party. Yes, don't judge, I start raging in my room. After I step on a couple sharp objects on the floor, I decide that a little organizing might be required for this dance party to continue. So, while still dancing, I start organizing things, grab a vacuum, a Windex bottle, and get to work. It's amazing how clean things become during finals week!
Sometimes, I wonder how I would benefit if I had different study techniques. What if I baked or cooked? My friends and roommates may enjoy that.  If I worked out, I would look great for the holidays! Although, I sometimes work out when I study. When I become stressed, all I want to do is run, hence why I start dancing, it just keeps me near my books and computer, reminding me what needs to be done. 
One thing I wish I did to help studying, and I bet many other students can agree, is eating right. If  I ate right, I would retain information better, and wouldn't be as stressed. I also may not of gained the freshman 15 my freshman year, since I chowed down on Christmas cookies that year!
Well, I should probably start some more dancing/studying before I start craving cookies.
Here's to Finals!

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