Saturday, December 22, 2012


Last Friday, I flew in Minneapolis, MN, my home state. I do have to say, the never-ending flatness brought a smile to my lips. After living in Salt Lake City, surrounded by mountains, being home felt right, not to mention hearing just about everyone on my flight mention their "begs" or "beggage." But I most of all, I am so happy to be surrounded by friends and family.

Every college student has a goal for their couple weeks off school; get together with as many high school friends as they can, oh, and maybe work for a bit too. I am guilty of both. While working an insanely packed work schedule, I have been trying to coordinate dinners and get-together's with my closest friends. I do have to say, the longer we are in school, the harder it is to get together. We begin to favor our friendships with our college friends, we decide to stay at our place in the city, instead of coming home, and we realize our loans are becoming exponentially larger and need more jobs to pay them off.

I have begin to wonder, are we meant to keep our high school friendships? You always hear when heading off to college, that we are "making relationships that will affect the rest of our lives." They don't say the same for high school though.
Looking at some college graduates I know, they seem to only keep those few special relationships. I seem to be already there. When I am home for these short amounts of time, I make sure to get together with my two best friends a couple times, and maybe "the crew" once or twice. Honestly, these are the people I love the most. I have known them the longest, and we all have fun times together. It's painful to imagine my future, and see myself struggling to keep these friendships. Distance can do a lot of damage on relationships, as I have experienced a lot. We will all try to maintain our friendships, until we get married and have kids, I guess at this point, it becomes too much work. We drift apart, until a class reunion and we realize what a great friendship we had back then. But this is just the rise and fall of relationships.

And you know? I am okay with this. Maybe we let go of our high school relationships because it reminds us of our immaturity. College is the biggest time of maturity in our lives, and letting go of those who make us immature is part of that process. And treasuring those close relationships increases our maturity.

Here's to Friendship

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